Flooring - H2O Premium Water Based Satin and Semi Gloss Finishes

  • Product Description
  • Physical Properties
  • Application Data
  • Directions for Use
  • Technical Literature

Product Codes:

81C50 - Semi-Gloss H2O Premium Polyurethane
81C30 - Satin H2O Premium Polyurethane

Product Description and Uses:

The Schwartz Water-borne finish is a high performance single component (1K) polyurethane finish.

Schwartz Water-borne Finish provides a hard and durable topcoat suitable for high traffic areas.

Packaged as a convenient single component formula eliminates pot life restrictions and wasted material.

Safe to handle, non-flammable and non-toxic for ease of handling.

Product Advantages:

  1. Applies like traditional oil-base finish.
  2. Excellent leveling.
  3. Low foaming.
  4. Performance of a 2K with ease of use of 1K.
  5. Fast recoat time, same -day mutli-coat application.
  6. Outstanding abrasion resistance and chemical resistance to most common household chemicals.
  7. Low odour and very low VOC.

Standard Container Sizes

3.78 Litre Bottle (1 Gallon)

18.9 Litre Pail



170 - 190 cps Brookfield LV

Weight Solids:


Volume Solid:



0.94 – 0.96 g/ml


7.5 to 8.5


47 – 53 (Semi-Gloss)

27 – 33 (Satin)


Hazy liquid

Shelf Life:

1 year unopened

Environmental Information:

VOC: max 180 g/L (CEPA Compliant)

Suggested Uses:

For use on interior commercial and residential hardwood floors.

Mixing Instructions:

Ready for use.

Mix/Stir well before use.




Recommended System:

Use with Schwartz Water-borne Wood Floor Sealer and apply two (2 ) coats of Schwartz Premium Water-borne Polyurethane Wood Floor Finish - @ 4 mils wet film per coat.

For Gymnasiums and high traffic areas, apply three (3) topcoats.

Application Tools:

Apply Floor Finish using T-bar, wood block mop or roller with synthetic pad, lambswool or synthetic bristle Brush.

Use only when ambient conditions are18°C to 30°C and RH is 40-60%.

To aid in drying, allow for good air movement.

Always allow new floors to acclimate prior to finishing.


400 sq ft/gal or 37 sq m/3.78L (4mils wet film)

Dry Time:

30 minutes at Ambient Conditions.

CAUTION - Cold temperature, high humidity, or lack of airflow will prolong dry times.

Recoat time:

1 hr (25C, 60% RH)

CAUTION -Cold temperature, high humidity, or lack of airflow will prolong dry times.

Clean-up Solvent:



Do not thin

Pot Life:


Surface Preparation:

Surface to be coated must be clean, dry and contaminant-free.

Follow NOFMA Guidelines for sanding.

Old Floor:

  1. Use medium grit (50,60,80) sandpaper to remove old finish or wax, and to level the floor.
  2. Depending on the build-up of old finish start with a coarse grit (36, 40) sandpaper then go to a medium grit .
  3. Finish off with fine grit (80, 100, 120, 150) sandpaper.

New Floor:

  1. Use Medium grit to level floor.
  2. Vacuum and tack with lint-free towel dampened with water.


After sealer has been applied:

  1. Using a separate applicator, apply Premium Water-borne Polyurethane Finish.
  2. Let dry 3-4 hours.
  3. Buff with used 120 or 150 grit screen or maroon pad.
  4. Vacuum and tack with lint-free cloth/towel dampened with water, then apply 2nd coat of finish.
  5. Always buff, vacuum and tack floor in between coats.
  6. For high traffic areas, apply 3 coats of finish.

Stained Floor:

  1. Apply stain following manufacturer's directions for application.
  2. Schwartz Water-borne finishes are compatible with most stains.
  3. Allow stain to fully dry for a minimum of 24 hours.
  4. Results may vary depending on wood species.
  5. Always prepare a test piece or a small area to determine compatibility and desired colour or appearance.
  6. Make sure stain is thoroughly dry prior to applying the finish.
  7. Allow final finish coat to dry for 24 hours before use and avoid heavy traffic for 72 hours.
  8. Do not replace any floor covering such as rugs and mats until finish has been fully cured for 14 days.
  9. Avoid cleaning the floor with water for 2 weeks, use dry cloth only.


Store indoor at room temperature, away from heat, ignition sources, open flames and direct sunlight.


  1. Avoid sparking, use non-sparking tools.
  2. Avoid open flames, turn off all pilot lights, ensure that work area is properly ventilated.
  3. Soiled rags and waste products may contain combustible liquids or vapours, dispose in accordance with local regulations.
  4. Refer to MSDS for information on safe use of this product.