Plastic Adhesives & Cements - Rez-N-Bond #8

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Product Code:


Product Description and Uses:

Schwartz Rez-N-Bond #8 is a water-thin, one part, air-dry solvent welding compound for acrylics, polystyrene, ABS and polycarbonate. It creates fusion between 2 surfaces with better-controlled flash-off time to ensure a bubble-free bond.

Product Advantages:

  1. Fuses surfaces for maximum bond.
  2. Fast-setting.
  3. Clear and transparent bond line.
  4. Non Flammable.


Standard Container Sizes

18.9 Litre Pail

3.78 Litre (Gallon)



1.22 g/ml


clear, water-white, thin liquid

Shelf Life:

2 years unopened

Environmental Information:

VOC: 927 g/L

Suggested Uses:

Used for bonding plastics such as acrylics, polycarbonate, polystyrene and ABS.

Dry Time:

Sets almost instantly.

For maximum strength, do not disturb bond for 24 hours to allow complete cure.

CAUTION - cold temperature, high humidity, or lack of airflow will prolong dry times.

Pot Life:






Clean-up Solvent:


Surface Preparation:

Surface to be coated must be clean, dry and contaminant-free.

Ambient Conditions:

Use only when ambient conditions are 18°C to 30°C and RH = 40 - 60%.


Due to the rapid penetration of the solvents, plastic objects cemented with Rez-N-Bond #8 set almost instantly.

Jigs are necessary only in clamping poorly fitting seams or large sections.

Handling, buffing and other operations may usually be carried on within an hour.

Large objects are usually joined by the “soak method” in which a flat shallow pan is lined with a felt pad kept moist with the liquid.

Resting the part of the pad for a few seconds causes edges to soften and absorb the liquid and become ready for cementing.

Cemented joints in clear plastics should be optically clear without bubbles.

Pre-treatment not required for clean surfaces.

Both surfaces must be sufficiently softened to fuse for a perfect bond.


Store indoors at room temperature, away from heat, ignition sources, open flames and direct sunlight.


Ensure that work area is properly ventilated.

Use proper PPE.

Refer to product MSDS for information on safe use of this product.

Dispose of soiled rags and empty containers in accordance with local regulations.


Material Safety and Technical Data Sheets for download.

Please click the appropriate link below.


TDS 12C8 - Rez-N-Bond #8 (pdf)


MSDS 12C8 - Rez-N-Bond #8 (pdf)